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How to make your first date a success.

First dates are difficult. We all are nervous when we meet someone for the first time and It's natural to be anxious before a first date. Use the following guide to ensure that your first date goes smoothly and leaves a lasting impression.

1. General Dating Hygiene
This is very important to the dating men. While it's convenient to plan a date directly after work, if you don't have the luxury to work a white collar job the odds are you aren't particularly fresh at your first meeting. Plan something later in the evening to wash, shave and shower prior to meeting your date. First impressions are everything and a clean shave and a nice smelling well dressed appearence will get your first date of to a great start.

2. First Date Introductions
Its always polite to say something nice to your date, but keep your praise "G-rated". Praise your date on their clothing or hair. Not their body or sex appeal. That will come later if you are lucky. A simple "hello, you look great" or "I've been looking forward to tonight" is a great way to start a first date.

3. Dating Conversation
Express interest in your dates job and life. Everyone loves to be the center of attention and tonight its your job to but your date in the spotlight. Be attentive and ask questions about what your date discusses. Pay attention and follow through on their interests with additional questions with a genuine interest in what your date says. Your conversation is the single most important part of the evening and a great way to make a good impression on your first date together.

4. Drinking On A First Date
It's natural to have a couple drinks on the first date. However keep in mind that you are making first impressions. A good rule of thumb on your first date is to moderate your drinking to keep pace with your date. So for every drink he or she has; have the same. This way, you ensure that you are always on the same level. You don't want to be the drunk one, nor do you want your date to feel that you are a wet blanket.

5. End Of The Date
This is always the hardest part of a first date. Are you standing on the porch or sitting in a car? Did the date go well or have you received ambiguous love signals? The best bet in my opinion is to say you had a great time and go for a small kiss on the lips. If there is chemistry it will lead to more over time.

6. Dating Conclusions
A good first date is a classy one. Be clean, polite and express a genuine interest in your dates life. End the night on par with their mood and don't rush the romance.

Good luck and happy dating!

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